Executive Summary / Key Highlights:
– 1,800 civil society organisations support the Loop pilot
– Platform for feedback on humanitarian and development services in communities
– First phase of the project took 3 months
– Team of 5 developers with PM + designer team

The Client: Loop is an independent charity that created a global digital platform for people to share their opinions in an open, transparent and safe manner to affect positive social change. The users can use it to provide feedback and engage with others to improve humanitarian and development services in various areas. When we learned about it we knew that we wanted to be a part of it. It’s something that can have a positive impact on the lives of many.

Problem Statement: Loop found the right designers but they were lacking a trusted technology partner who could help with all the challenges and handle the development. One of the main designers has previously worked with EliteCrew and decided to reach out to us. It was going to be a constantly changing project that’s why the availability, engagement and quality of the team had to be on the highest level. The pilot was aimed at Zambia and the Philippines, so we faced technological challenges: the app had to be light-weight, require little data transfer needs and be user-friendly.

Solution: From the start our team worked closely with the designers, together we came up with the right technology solutions and thought of new functionalities. Our team consisted of 5 people, we decided to create a responsive web application designed to fulfill all the requirements. We based frontend on Angular, backend on NestJS and deployed it on the AWS cloud. The Carbon Design System from IBM helped us with speeding up the development, thanks to ready made UI components.

During the project: It was a typical project workflow, we started with designs, then got busy developing the main modules and building up the UI with adopted Carbon components. Fortunately, we didn’t encounter any technological problems. After each release the app was tested on-site and we had to tweak it to provide the best user experience. There was more work involved, but it was a smart choice. It’s better to test the MVP than a finished product. All of us focused on security, if someone reports anonymously, it means they might be afraid or threatened, so we paid a lot of attention to protecting user data.
We were working in 2-week iterations, all team members participated in stand-ups. Communication was the key to great collaboration, everyone was on top of things and we could openly share feedback.

Results: The project was finished in about 3 months and the app is already in use. It got recognized by the local people and organizations and the first phase proved to be a success. We started working on the second phase, both teams (development and design) got bigger and we are working on new functionalities and features. It has been possible to submit stories through a web app, but there will be new ways to do this. In addition, we are expanding the app into 5 more languages and creating statistics to show how we have impacted the world.

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