A good atmosphere at work. Why is it so important?

Good atmosphere at work – definition

A good atmosphere at work can be defined as a positive relationship between employees and managers or between employees. It is the trust we have in each other, the willingness to help, and the absence of unhealthy rivalry or gossip. Loyalty is valuable, as well as equality towards each other and respect. We spend a lot of our time at work during the day, so this is a very important aspect.

As a recruiter, I often get the question during interviews with candidates: what is the atmosphere like at work? 

A positive atmosphere has a huge impact on our perception of the job, the company, and the people working there. 

A friendly and good atmosphere in the workplace influences:

  • efficiency;
  • employee engagement; 
  • better performance;
  • reduces employee rotation and also absenteeism. 

What is important to employees?

From my experience, I can say that a friendly atmosphere influences our decision when choosing an employer. Already, in addition to the salary, the number of days off, our passions, candidates looking for a new job put emphasis on a good atmosphere and the team they will work with. 

A satisfied and fulfilled employee is a happy employee. The level of happiness is influenced by the following factors:

  • satisfying salary 87% 
  • relations with the managers 77%
  • friendly atmosphere at work 75%
  • a sense of meaning in the professional duties performed 73%

The results of the survey indicate that all these factors are very close to each other and therefore equally important.

Frequently employees who are satisfied with their workplace recommend it to their friends. Among the main elements of the job that affect its recommendation by employees are:

  • friendly atmosphere at work 52%
  • high salary 51%
  • good relations with co-workers 45%
  • possibility of remote work 36%

Survey conducted by Jobhouse (September 2021)

As you can see from the surveys presented, the atmosphere at work has a huge impact on our work, our perception of it as well as recommending it to friends.

How to work on a good atmosphere at work?

We have to work for a good atmosphere every day through:

  • appreciation of our successes (even the small ones);
  • the possibility to speak freely;
  • support;
  • constructive criticism;
  • plenty of motivation to act;
  • a clear career path;
  • promotion opportunities.

Furthermore, equal and fair treatment and avoidance of conflicts are also very important. When conflicts do arise, they should be skillfully resolved from the outset to prevent them from escalating. 

In order for the team to communicate well and freely with each other, we need to create opportunities to get to know each other better. These can be joint outings or team-building trips where everyone feels comfortable. In this direction, our first team-building trip took place in July – it was great and we are already looking forward to the next one 🙂


Work on a good atmosphere at work as much as possible, it’s a win-win situation.

Joanna Dymos

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